About this symposium

Construction of 3D vascularized tissue in vitro is now a growing research area worldwide and becoming more and more important not only in tissue engineering, but also in wide varieties of research area including drug development, cell sensors, soft robotics and artificial meats. In our ERATO project "Takeuchi Biohybrid Innovation Project" one of the goals is to establish fundamental technology to build a macroscopic complex tissue by utilizing multidisciplinary approaches including microfluidic/MEMS technology, cell biology, gene manipulation, cell transplantation and material engineering etc. Here, the objective of this symposium is to invite the world leaders in this area and describe/discuss the most recent advances and future directions. We welcome all researchers in this field as the speakers of the poster presentations or audience, and look forward to seeing you in the symposium!

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Key dates

Abstract submission deadline: April 30, 2014.
Registration deadline: May 16, 2014.

What's news

The deadline has been extended to April. 30th, 2014  [Update April 23, 2014]

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Abstract Submission  [Update March 12, 2014]

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