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    – A EU-PostDoc position for EUJO-LIMMS project is available (2012-5-12)
    — New Home page Lauched! (2012-5-2)
    — Morimoto-kun’s “Cell doll” has been picked up by NewScientist (2009-2-5)
    — Bruno-san’s membrane chip work has been published in Analytical Chemistry (2008-1-1)
    — Nakamura-kun has made a good talk at microTAS2007 (10-10)
    — Yoshizawa-san has joined the group (10-5)
    — Andy has joined the group (10-1)
    — Bruno and Suzuki’s membrane array has been accepted to Analytical Chemistry (9-25)
    — “Blowing Vesicles” method has been accepted to JACS (9-21)
    — Takeuchi had an invited talk at BIOKOREA2007, COEX, Seoul (9-13)
    — Osaki-san and Tsuda-san have joined the group (9-1)
    — Tan-kun’s monodisperse alginate beads has been published in Advanced Materials (8-24)
    — Onoe-san has moved to UC Berkeley (8-12)

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Welcome to the biohybrid systems lab at the University of Tokyo. We welcome people from multidisciplinary backgrounds, including mechanics, informatics, biophysics, cell biology, material sciences. Our group belongs to two different grad schools. If you are interested in joining us, please make a contact with us.- For the students with engineering background: Mechanics, Electronics, Informatics etc. Dept of Mechano-Informatics, Grad. School of Information Science and Technology - For the students with scientific background: Physics, Chemisrty and Biology etc. Dept. of Life Sciences, Grad. School of Arts and SciencesAddmission Guidlines for International Students

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