Think Hybrid.


Think Hybrid

Our group focuses on the design and fabrication of bio-hybrid systems that combine bio functional materials with micro/nano devices. Since the size of the bio-molecular motors, such as kinesin-microtubule, is on the order of a few nanometers, they can work as nano-sized bio functional elements in existing MEMS devices. Micro neural electrodes can be used as the neural interfaces between the living organs and artificial equipment. We are trying to realize such hybrid systems through the micro/nano fabrication technologies. We welcome people from multidisciplinary backgrounds, including mechanics, informatics, biophysics, cell biology, material science.

Selected News

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  • 2012 Todai Research: Glowing ears signal sugar level
  • 2011 NDTV: Robots given a sense of smell in tokyo
  • 2010 TechNewsDaily: Frog Egg Cells Key Ingredient in Robotic Nose, 8-24
  • 2010 DigiInfo: Implantable Glucose Sensors, 8-6
  • 2010 Popular Science: Best of What’s new 2010, University of Tokyo Olfactory Sensor,The sharpest sniffer, 2010-11-20
  • 2010 Cell: This cell can smell, Cell, vol. 143, p. 491, 2010-11-12
  • 2010 BRIC: (Yunjung’s article) Injectable hydrogel microbeads for fluorescence-based in vivo continuous glucose monitoring, 2010-10-15
  • 2010 Chemistry World: Glowing glucose tracker goes skin deep, 2010-10-4
  • 2010 Discover Magazine: How to Turn a Frog Egg Into a Robot’s Artificial Nose , 2010
  • 2010 New Scientist: Frog cells give artificial nose the power of super smell , 2010
  • 2009 Chemistry World: Cell-sized vesicle assembly line , 04-Aug, 2009
  • 2009 New Scientist: ‘Living doll’ made of human cancer cells , vol. 2694, pp. 19, 2009
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