Think Hybrid.


– A EU-PostDoc position for EUJO-LIMMS project is available (2012-5-12)
— New Home page Lauched! (2012-5-2)
— Morimoto-kun’s “Cell doll” has been picked up by NewScientist (2009-2-5)
— Bruno-san’s membrane chip work has been published in Analytical Chemistry (2008-1-1)
— Nakamura-kun has made a good talk at microTAS2007 (10-10)
— Yoshizawa-san has joined the group (10-5)
— Andy has joined the group (10-1)
— Bruno and Suzuki’s membrane array has been accepted to Analytical Chemistry (9-25)
— “Blowing Vesicles” method has been accepted to JACS (9-21)
— Takeuchi had an invited talk at BIOKOREA2007, COEX, Seoul (9-13)
— Osaki-san and Tsuda-san have joined the group (9-1)
— Tan-kun’s monodisperse alginate beads has been published in Advanced Materials (8-24)
— Onoe-san has moved to UC Berkeley (8-12)
— Suzuki-san has moved to Osaka university as an associate professor. Congrats! (8-1)
— Tan-kun has got the best poster award at CHEMINAS2007(5-28)
— Our home page has been renewed. (4-6)
— Funakoshi-kun has got the best presentation award at IEEJ2006 (4-1)
— Tan-kun’s PNAS paper has been highlighted in Analytical Chemistry(4-1)
— Yamamura’s Ultra thin OLED has been on the top page of Nikkan-Gogyo Shinbun(1-19)
— Tan’s pachinko has been on-line in PNAS(2007-1-19)
— Funakoshi’s paper has been on-line in Analytical Chemistry,
 and was highlighted as the cover of the issue. (see the left image)(2006-11-20)nhp

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