the 8th symposium on Micro-Nano Science and Technology



Abstract submission

  • Abstract Deadline : 14th, Jul., 2017  21th, Jul., 2017

How to submit

Please visit the following site.
HP: https: //

The application process has 5 steps.

[Step 1] Selection of a symposium

[Step 2] Selection of a category, and description of title and abstract (100 characters)

[Step 3] Designation of authors / co-authors

[Step 4] Description of contact information

[Step 5] Submission of your application

(Important!) Precautions for input

>>step 1
Please select “The 8th Micro / Nano Engineering Symposium (MNM 2017)” at the symposium selection.
Step 2
For category selection, please see the list of research fields below and select appropriate category. In addition, please understand that the selected category would be changed on programming.
Step 3
Please fill in your membership number and birth date. In the member number column, “Non-member” for non-members, “In process of enrollment” for those who are enrolling.

Other notes

  • Please leave acceptance or rejection of submitted abstracts to the program committee.
  • Presentation style is “Poster presentation”. Poster presentation is co-operated with “The 34th Sensor Symposium on Sensors, Micromachines and Applied Systems” and “The 9th Symposium on Integrated MEMS Technology”.
  • Available language is English and Japanese.


    We will award three kinds of prize for excellent presentation

    Award qualification
    ・Fellow prize:JSME member under 26 years old
    ・Young excellent presentation award:Presenter under 32 years old
    ・Excellent paper award:All manuscripts(award to all authors, no age restriction.)
    *The age restriction is the age of April 1st, 2018.

    Special issue in Micromachines

    A special issue for this symposium is planned to be published from Micromachines. The authors are encouraged to submit a manuscript of your paper to Micromachines. Please visit the webpage of the special issue to get detail information. Manuscripts will be reviewed and published in the special issue of Micromachines.

Focus of the symposium

  1. Precision Machinery · Lubrication · Design
        Nanotryporology, positioning, nano oscillators, nano liquid membranes, etc.
  2. Material dynamics · Strength
        Strength and reliability of thin film, mechanical properties of micro / nano material, standardization of material test etc.
  3. Hydrodynamics
        Rarefied gas effect, simulation of semiconductor process, micro bubble, image measurement of micro / nano flow, micro pump etc.
  4. Thermal engineering
        Nanoscale heat transfer, nanotube / wire, micro bubble, micro scientific analysis, micro energy etc.
  5. Production processing · Mechanical materials
        MEMS technology, micro / nano machine processing technology, surface modification, laser processing etc.
  6. Robotics · Mechatronics
        Sensors, actuators, biomanipulation, etc.
  7. Medical · Biotechnology
        Lab-on-a-chip, regenerative medicine, cell engineering, biomaterial etc.
  8. Micro nano system
        IoT, sensor network, smart device etc.
  9. Other
        Micro / nanoscale mechanical engineering related fields