the 8th symposium on Micro-Nano Science and Technology



Submission deadline

8th, Sep., 2017 22th, Sep., 2017

* I am sorry that the adoption notice was delayed. The deadline for submission has also been extended to September 22th due to the delay in notice.
* The submission method will be appended at the latest in September.

Format of Manuscript

At this symposium, we will prepare an electronic media on which the Manuscript collection (Japanese or English 2 pages) and the same content are posted.
The presenter should post both PDF files as “Manuscript collection (Japanese or English 2 pages)” and “JST database manuscript abstract (Japanese)”.

Writing Manuscript

Manuscript (Japanese or English 2 pages)Original form (word format download is here)

Abstract of manuscript for JST database (Japanese) (word format downloading is here)

As for how to write the manuscript, please follow the directions in the manuscript. The number of the lecture to be filled in the upper right corner of the manuscript will be posted on HP as soon as the program is finalized, so please check it at a later date.